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Gila Cliff Dwellings, Gila   Cliff   Dwellings   is   in   the   heart   of   an area     where     the     prehistoric     Mogollon culture   was   centered   circa   A.D.   90D-1100. Some   of   this   group   are   known   for   their. famous   black-on-white   Mimbres   pottery, unusual    because    of    the    use    of    not    only geometric   patterns,   but   pictures   of   people and   animals.   Silver   City   is   known   as   the gateway     to     the     Gila     Cliff     Dwellings, (below)   a   national.   monument.   This   area was    one    of    the    last    strongholds    of    the Apaches.
ilver City is 150 miles northwest of El Paso, 200 miles southwest of Albuquerque, and 200 miles northeast of Tucson in a physically and historically interesting area Silver City is a comfortable community of '12,000 people with Western New Mexico University near it's center. With its dry, moderate climate at an, elevation of 6,000 feet, and its educational and cultural attractions, it is not surprising that it has lured many tourists, entrepreneurs, and retirees.
We are known by several names, Silver City Trading Post, Silver City Antique Mall, We are the “Antique Mall”  Officially we are Silver City Trading Co. -Established 1994 Mon.-Sat. 10-5 / Sun. '12-4, 205 W. Broadway Silver City, NM 88061 575/388-8989
ilver   City   Trading   Company   is   located   at   205   West   Broadway   in Silver   City,   New   Mexico.   This   historic   building   is   located   on   the corner   of   Texas   and   Broadway   and   in   the   1870s   the   site   was occupied by a meat market and shoe shop (See Photo Above) C.1897   In   the   original   corner   was   the   "Cave   Saloon"   and   the   "shoe store"   was   more   of   a   mercantile.   The   final   stage   of   the   "Uhli   Block" was   the   addition   of   a   fourth   store   front   -   being   the   fist   utility   company in   Silver   City.   C.1905,   reportedly   Telephone   and   Telegraph   services. The   earlier   building,   half   a   block   south   on   Texas   Street   was   built   in 1883   -   and   was   reportedly   was   a   Bordello   at   the   time.   Texas   Street   was the Red-Light district of Silver City at the turn of the 20th century.
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